New Builds

RMS Designs has carried out many new building designs throughout the West Midlands on all types of property, compiling drawings and technical information for submission for local authority. When considering new building design for housing, the density does not relate to the quality of the design or the character of the local area.

We have to consider the density of the proposals in conjunction with the local amenities and the dwellings per hectare the local authority adopt. The density is calculated on the area to be developed which must include, where required access roads, footpaths, private garden areas and car parking, on larger sites you must take into consideration of open space and landscaping.

We always try and achieve the most efficient use of the land and try to maximise the potential taking into account local character and high quality design. Other considerations are safe and accessible environments containing clear and well illuminated pathways.

Sometimes redevelopment of existing properties is an option, converting and possibly extending to achieve the desired design and layout. This is often the case with historical and agricultural buildings where close consideration of the design and character of the buildings is uppermost in the planners thoughts.

The area proposed for development and its new build design will depend on its location whether its position is in the town centre, suburban or rural fringe. We have designed appropriate housing, terrace or flats above shops in urban areas, apartments with communal space with traditional housing with front and rear gardens in suburban areas. We have also undertaken many bespoke detached properties in more rural areas designed to the client’s specification.